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maps / scores / calendars

Research into ways of graphically representing time, space, events and intensities....



Maps, scores (musical notation) and calendars are schemes for formalising and describing space-time that have been used by various human cultures in different but often complementary ways.

In the context of this research project, we are addressing the possibilities of graphically representing spatial, temporal and energetic phenomena, both for descriptive and prescriptive purposes, using these three devices: cartography, musical notation and calendarisation, and eventually proposing hybrid forms that combine these devices.

The space-time coordinates used in maps, calendars and musical scores serve as parameters for representing the phenomena to be described. A road or river will be located on the map from its points distributed on the latitude-longitude axis, a date will be located from its location in the month and year, a musical note will be identified by its point in the vertical (pitch) and horizontal (duration) dimensions of the score.



Let's consider the three devices discussed - calendars, maps and scores - based on their basic representative functions. Calendars structure temporal cycles and make it possible to mark points (dates, hours, etc.) in time; scores describe (or prescribe) sequences of successive events (usually sounds, but not only) and can also describe simultaneous lines of distinct events; maps represent planes that can be travelled, territories, paths, relationships between points.


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